Are you a Marriott Vacation Club owner enrolled in the new Destination Club points program? Maybe you find yourself with a surplus of points that you can’t use and are set to expire? Or maybe you are looking for a way to defray the ever-increasing maintenance and program costs. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in monetizing the Destination Club points in your account

A. We receive hundreds of rental inquiries for Marriott Vacation Club resorts each month and by checking Marriott Destination Club points availability we are able to provide rental quotes to travelers at below Marriott.com published rates. Upon remittance of payment by the renter and completion of the rental transaction, we fund the owner.

A. In many ways, it’s not, the big difference is that we are able to market and rent to travelers who request vacation stays that don’t meet the customary 7-night weekend-to-weekend timeshare stay.  Many clients request + or - seven nights as well as non-weekend-to-weekend stays. We simply leverage the inherent flexibility of the Destination Club program to meet the rental demand that has previously not been met by the traditional timeshare inventory offering.

A. We specialize in strategically reserving the best and highest demanded weeks of the year using points. We have done the analysis and choose the best value bookings to optimize the points used and deliver funds to the owner. By doing so we greatly increase the probability of a successful rental.

A. Generally, at the completion of the transaction. If the rental check-in date is greater than eight months out we may elect to charge the renter a 50% nonrefundable deposit with the balance due 90 days prior to check-in. We would remit you 50% of the payment with the balance due 90 days prior to check-in. We are also working on a program that will pay out $.48 to owners that prefer to monetize their points immediately instead of waiting until the rental transaction is completed (certain restrictions apply).

A. Generally speaking, full payment is required for holiday and high demand weeks such as Spring Break. A deposit of 50% is generally required for reservations made 8 months or later for many but not all weeks.

A. All of our rental agreements contain a non-cancel clause coupled with a no refund policy. We always recommend trip cancellation insurance to our potential renters.

A. Just fill out the contact form or give us a call and we can discuss your rental portfolio. We don’t charge any type of commission or fee for this service.

A. Sure, you are entitled to do so however, most of our clients have neither the time nor inclination and prefer to let us handle their rental portfolio given our level of expertise. We find most clients are busy enough with their work and family and simply prefer to delegate this task to us.